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Christian Dada

Christian Dada was founded in Tokyo in 2010 by Masanori Morikawa.

The label’s name nods both to Parisian Haute Couture and Dadaism, the artistic movement anchored in anti-conformism, anarchy and rebellion, challenging perceived notions of beauty and logic. The idea of the beauty of imperfection, which is at the core of Christian Dada design, is also the foundation of the wabi-sabi Japanese aesthetic philosophy.

Masanori Morikawa has forged an unconventional approach to fashion. His complex, dark and energetic vision draws on a fascination for eastern subcultures and traditional Japanese crafts.

A deft balancing act of impactful showpieces and commercially realistic street wear, his collections are elevated by intricate details and elaborate embellishments, working a subtle clash of references aligned with the free-minded rebellion of past art scenes and youth movements.

“Products out of a touch of adolescence”. Apart from the stereotypical idea that clothes are to be worn, CHRISTIAN DADA’s designs incorporate the identity of the wearer.

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Christian Dada |  Christian Dada |  Christian Dada | 


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