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SHOES 53045

New in! Dropping soon this 21st June!

Sneaker-shoe hybrids with platform bubble air soles and dose of fun.
Each pair is leather-free and precision-engineered for the wearer’s comfort and pleasure, including two sets of insoles to customize the fit.
Designed in Paris, based in L.A., handcrafted by athletic technology experts in China.

Launched early 2019, SHOES 53045 is a radical new concept in footwear. Created by legendary Parisian shoe designer David Tourniaire-Beauciel (who has designed iconic shoes for every top French house over the last 25 years), this new line of eye-catching sneaker brand is disrupting the luxury market with its high-tech sneaker-shoe hybrids with double bubble air soles. The name says it all: 53045 spells SHOES upside down.

The first drop of SHOES 53045’s signature Bump’Air style includes four colorways: classic white and black, Flame (orange), and Ice (blue accents). The second drop, the Bump’Air Black Gothic, inspired by Depeche Mode, the Cure, and puffer fish (among other things), is studded with a half kilo of zinc spikes and chains for the ultimate cybergoth shoe. Bump’Air Acid, inspired by yellow Berlingot candy from France, looks like sunshine in a shoe — and thanks to its advanced comfort technology, it feels like a smiley face for your feet.

The Bump’Air has already been worn and Instagrammed by some of the globe’s most stylish influencers, including supermodels Gigi Hadid and Liu Wen; music icon Chris Lee, CL; street-style icons Yu Masui and more.

  SHOES 53045 - Bump'Air White   SHOES 53045 - Bump'Air Black
SHOES 53045 - Bump'Air Flame     SHOES 53045 - Bump'Air Ice
SHOES 53045 - Bump'Air Black GothicSHOES 53045 - Bump'Air Black Gothic
SHOES 53045 - Bump'Air AcidSHOES 53045 - Bump'Air Acid