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OAMC was founded in 2013 by Luke Meier, former Head Designer at Supreme for nearly a decade, and Arnaud Faeh, previously Creative Director of Carhartt WIP.

OAMC represents a harmonious balance between modern aesthetics and innovative techniques. Taking influence from contemporary culture, traditional menswear, functional and rational design, nature, technical innovation, material development, and extensive traditional craft, Creative Director Luke Meier creates modern menswear for the culture and context of now. Respect for the past is important; notions of re-creating the past are not. OAMC is about the present; what is aesthetically pleasing now; what is culturally relevant now; what is technically possible and valid now.

OAMC goods are produced in France, Italy, Portugal, and Japan and are offered in limited quantities. The majority of the materials, trims, hardware, and other components are custom developed and produced for OAMC, and the products which are made represent the highest in quality standards.

OAMC is designed in Paris and developed at its’ Milan atelier.

OAMC | SS19 |  OAMC | SS19 |
OAMC | SS19 | OAMC | SS19 | OAMC | SS19 |
OAMC | SS19 |   OAMC | SS19 |


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